We are a consulting firm that works with banks on a broad range of projects. Our unique knowledge and experience can provide valuable assistance without the cost of adding that expertise to your payroll. We're bankers, we speak your language, we've sat in your chair.

River Point Group, LLC

Experienced & Focused, Serving the banking industry in unique times


It’s common knowledge that we are living in challenging economic times.

In response, we have formed a group designed to assist bankers.  Our focus is to help with issues for which many find themselves underprepared.

Our three principals share experience gained during the last serious economic downturn of the 1980s.

We espouse the positive values for which this area is known. Occasionally our network includes others.  We require our associates to share our values.

We’re interested in working with clients who share our values.  No one benefits if we take any other approach.

We understand the value of a good “fit” when undertaking the types of challenges that interest us.  We “tell it like it is.”