Kevin Boynton


Kevin Boynton has a background that includes handling the workout loan portfolio in a central Minnesota bank during the agricultural and subsequent commercial downturn of the 1980s.  At the time he served as a vice president of his growing community bank.

In his consulting business Kevin has helped business entities in areas such as business formation and managing credit relationships in difficult times.  He understands things from both,  the banker’s and the borrowers perspective.  Kevin has worked through good and difficult economic times, finding solutions to challenging problems.

Steve Johnson


Steve Johnson has an extensive background in business operations with the retail, manufacturing and consulting industries.  His career spans over 25 years in a large variety of economic conditions.  He understands how various elements both internal and external that have to work together in order to maintain growth as well as profit. His analytical skills has allowed him examine various business situations. Recommendations were developed highlighting areas that required attention and improvement. He has first hand experience in turnaround situations as well as how to close down operations at a profit. Steve  serves on local and state-wide trade association boards.

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Bob Viering


  Bob Viering has 30 years of banking experience including senior credit positions at large, mid-size and as the CEO of a de novo bank.  His experience includes credit policy and administration, underwriting of large commercial credits, workout of credits of all types and complexity. He also has considerable experience with strategic planning, capital raising, bank formation, organization integration and lobbying on behalf of banking and business issues.