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Workout Credits

Right now we are in a pretty tough economy. This has caused stress in bank loan portfolios as jobs are lost, housing values have dropped, businesses are slower and the regulatory climate is getting tougher.

 Borrowers that are struggling take significantly more time to manage than before. This is especially true with small business and real estate development. Often our first impulse is to get tough with borrowers that are struggling. It's frustrating that a borrower can't pay like they once did or worse yet, don't return your phone calls or turn the other way in the grocery store when they see you. The truth is, it takes a different set of skills to effectively manage a troubled borrower.

 We went through the last serious economic downturn in the 80's and learned those workout skills with larger banks. Right now we can help you in two different ways.

First, we can become your agent directly managing your troubled borrowers. You will have experts on your team and your bankers will be freed up to work more closely with your prime customers. All too often in a tough economy, your best customers get forgotten as you spend all your energies working with the troubled borrowers. You can't afford to lose those strong credits.

Second, we can provide behind the scenes guidance for your lenders to make them more effective managing your troubled borrowers. We combine on site watch list reviews with on call availability by phone or e-mail to consult with your bankers.

Significantly more time is required to handle struggling borrowers. This burdens your current operations. If you were properly staffed in good times, you may need our services in the economic downturn