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Due Diligence/Integration

With the chaos in the current financial markets and plunging value of banks, now may be the best time to consider a purchase. We are there to help perform due diligence tasks to help you know what you are buying. That includes the loan portfolio, deposit portfolio, market analysis and most importantly, give you an understanding of the bank’s culture and some understanding of the skills of the bank’s staff.

Post acquisition, one of the most critical tasks is to integrate the two banks together. This is not as simple as a data processing conversion or merging general ledgers. It is a real challenge to merge two cultures into one. This is a very emotional time for the acquired bank. Done well it can bring the two organizations together quickly. Done poorly, morale can suffer for a very long time and you stand a very good chance of losing the biggest asset you bought - the key employees.

We can help you organize the integration plan and be there to help execute it. We can be that "go between" to help.